Cut your carbon and enjoy a healthier commute.

Our Goal

Vermonters drive more miles per person per year than other Americans, including those in other rural states. Our program aims to promote behavioral changes among employees in Chittenden County, cut miles traveled, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the cost of commuting.

Source: Annual Per Capita Vehicle Miles Traveled, VTrans

What We Do

The Commuter Incentive Program offers gift card incentives and individualized support in order to help more employees commute to their workplace sustainably and affordably rather than by single occupancy vehicle (SOV). Our participants commute to a wide array of employers, including the US House of Representatives, the City of Winooski, Diggers Mirth Farm, LONDONMiddlebury, Beta Technologies and many more!

About Us

The Commuter Incentive Program operates out of Sustainable Transportation Vermont, in partnership with CATMA, VNRC, and VTrans. We are a grant-funded initiative through the Vermont Mobility and Transportation Innovations Grant Project; the purpose of the MTI program is to foster innovative strategies that improve both mobility and access for transit-dependent Vermonters, reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles for work trips, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Summary

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